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Warum ist Matcha besser als grüner Tee?

The answer is simple and we got it for you! First let’s get to know Matcha a little better! Matcha comes from Japan. It has a very specific way of making and you can taste if the Matcha has been made the right way or not! Matcha Powder is made by taking young green tea leaves, which must have grown in the shade as much as possible. This is because when they are underneath the shadow, they increase the amount of chlorophyll, which gifts us with the maximum of health benefits! Even when the green tea leaves are getting grinded into powder, it is done in the dark, so the nutrients are saved. After taking the green tea leaves, they are grinded into fine green powder. This is the difference with the regular packets which they sell in your local supermarkets. You don’t consume the whole green tea leave, you just consume the leaves infused into water, and then removed. “Drinking regular green tea is a bit like boiling spinach into water, then removing the spinach and drinking only the water.” says Loise Cheadle the author of “The Book of Matcha “, which we highly recommended. You are throwing away all the best nutrients green tea has to offer, that’s a waste! So, now you get it! There is a big difference by drinking a whole green tea leave, whisked into water, then only infusing it for a little bit, removing and drinking hot water with a little taste.

Matcha has a numerous of HEALTH BENEFITS! They are out of this world! This super powder is

full of antioxidants, which prevent your body from all kinds of bad health conditions and keeps you strong, healthy and happy! Matcha gifts you with a lot of energy, and is the best alternative to coffee! You get natural energy, which will keep you going all day! It also boosts your mood levels, skin health and improves bodies functions. Overall, you give your body a BIG health boost with only one MATCHA LATTE a day! Matcha Lattes are quite popular, even coffee shops have started offering all kinds of Matcha variety drinks! So, don’t miss out and get your Matcha boost now!